ENG 251: Film and Literature, Fall 2017
Section C2: Thursday, 2:30
–5:15 pm, E-311
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Brian T. Murphy

Bradley Hall, Y-16

e-mail: brian.murphy@ncc.edu

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Important Announcements and Updates

Thursday, September 21:
I have read through your responses on last week’s survey, especially your concerns and fears.
Since we are not meeting this week, I have decided to address them here

Remember to read at least through Part 2 (1–224) in Orwell’s 1984, along with the handouts from Jill Lepore (“A Golden Age for Dystopian Fiction”) and  Charley Locke (“The Real Reason Dystopian Fiction Is Roaring Back”) and that both Response paper 1 and 2 and your research paper topics are due on the 28th.



Monday, September 18:
Due to my unforeseen absence on September 7, I have made several changes to the syllabus as announced in class on Thursday. Please read at least through Part 2 (1–224) in Orwell’s 1984, along with the handouts:

In addition, both Response paper 1 and 2 are due on Thursday, September 28 if you decide to do them; I have provided two choices for each response. Remember, you must complete at least five (5) response papers during the semester, a minimum of 2-3 pages long (500-750 words).

Your research paper topics are also due on the 28th; I will post more detailed instructions and possible selections during the upcoming days.

Finally, the second set of extra credit assignments has been posted on the main page: Academic Success Workshops and Learning Skills Workshops (1 point each) presented by the NCC Center for Educational and Retention Counseling.

See you on Thursday the 28th.

Thursday, September 7:
Due to unforeseen (and unavoidable) circumstances, I will not be on campus today; therefore class will not meet until next week. I have emailed the entire class, and attached a copy of the syllabus as well as providing links to two additional readings. Please familiarize yourself with the syllabus, including all policies and requirements, and be sure to purchase your books and complete the following required readings before we meet next Thursday:

See you next Thursday.



Monday, August 28:
The main page and syllabus have both been updated for the Fall 2017 semester.
Classes begin on Friday, September 1; our first meeting is at 2:30 on Thursday, September 7 in E Building, Room 311.


The class page for Fall 2014, the last time I taught this class, is located here.
If you are looking for the previous announcements, they are here.



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