ENG 209: Modern Irish Literature, Spring 2018
Section GA:  Monday Bradley Hall, Haskell Room; Wednesday South Hall 101
                   11:00 am12:15 pm

James Joyce, Dubliners
Brian Friel, Dancing at LughnasaJ.M. Synge, The Playboy of the Western World...WIlliam Trevor, The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stoires

Brian T. Murphy

Bradley Hall, Y-16

e-mail: brian.murphy@ncc.edu

Schedule and Office Hours

Important Announcements and Updates

Wednesday, January 17:
As announced in class this morning, I am changing the schedule already. For Monday, be sure to read
The Proclamation of the Irish Republic, 1916 and  James Joyce, Dubliners: The Sisters (1-11).

Also, as of this afternoon, we may not have class in the Haskell Room on Mondays; we may be moved to yet another room, one that does not involve stairs. Be sure to check Banner and this page for updates.


Tuesday, January 16:
As of this afternoon, we will not have class in Y-A/B on Wednesdays. Rather than meeting in the computer lab in Bradley Hall as originally scheduled, we will meet in South Hall, Room 101 on Wednesdays. Also, please note: although your schedule indicates that we meet in Y-13 in Bradley Hall, that is the English Department office. We are actually meeting in the Haskell Room on Mondays, on the second floor of Bradley Hall (beside the computer lab, Y-216).

Friday, January 12:
The main page and syllabus have been updated for the Spring 2018 semester.

Textbooks have been ordered through the NCC Bookstore; however, you are encouraged to purchase them from wherever they are least expensive.
We will be using the following:

Friel, Brian. Dancing at Lughnasa: A Play. London and Boston: Faber and Faber, 1998. ISBN 9780571144792.
(Available used startng at $0.01 at Amazon.com*).

Joyce, James. Dubliners. New York: Signet, 2007. ISBN 9780451530417.
(Available used starting at $0.01 at Amazon.com*).

Synge, J. M. The Playboy of the Western World and Riders to the Sea. New York: Dover, 1993. ISBN 9780486275628.
(Available used starting at $0.01 at Amazon.com*).

Trevor, William, ed. The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2010. ISBN 9780199583140.
(Available used starting at $1.11 at Amazon.com*).

*Prices listed at Amazon.com do not include shipping, and are accurate as of original posting date only; no guarantees of prices or availability are express or implied.

In addition, I have already posted seven opportunities for extra credit.

The page for the last time this course was offered, Spring 2016, is located here.
If you are looking for announcements from that semester, they are here.





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